What colour is your wee the last time you went to the bathroom?


Or just guess what colour @ericthefourth wee is

I reckon he’s on a 7


I’m about a 3 on my good days.


Bout a 4-5 i reckon


And also on the wee colour chart!!!


Mostly 1, which is presumably good? 8 can’t be good, I’d be expecting that out the other side.


That red line between 6 and 7 is accurate for me.




Cant recall ever having brown wee


Scientists call that ‘a poo’.


bright yellow, but then i had a berocca when i got up this morn


I’m on a solid 1. Always am. I drink 2 litres of water AT WORK.


@1101010, think there’s a new badge you need to make.


I’m gonna go for a pee now! This shall be exciting :rofl::sweat_drops:


Last one was probably a 4. Next one (probably in around 45 minutes) should be an improvement.




It’s usually a 6 first thing in the morning though.


1 - I drink a lot of water/tea at work.


should be liquid, not solid


What about your wee when you wake up? Surely that’s not a 1?


My last one was basically a zero. Bit weird as I’ve not drunk that much today - think I may be ill.