What colour shoes with a brown suit?

you seem to have said black can work but posted a photo of it not working whatsoever


That suit colour reminds me of the interior of an eight year old Volvo saloon. 3 owners. The current one, Barry, works as a middle manager for a renewable energy firm. His heart’s not really in it, Barry doesn’t really care for the environment though he does carry several bags for life in the saloon’s boot and uses them each time he remembers they are in there.

Recently divorced, Barry is considering selling the car and getting a motorbike. He’s been quoted lower than black book value on the car, largely because of the interior.

Change the suit mate.

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Burgundy > Brown > Black

Go for a brogue

Don’t think it really goes with any of them, which means it goes with all of them.

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If you’re going to photoshop ridiculous looking shoes onto that outfit @marckee, might as well go all out


Second guy looks like he forgot his shoes and had to borrow some from the PE cupboard

Stop having a go at my suit please!

Would something pretty close to this be a better option?

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Sure. What’s working at Foxtons like btw?


Don’t hit me with your English estate agent references

I have a burgundy pair you can have as they are similtaneously comfortable and agonising. Have I sold them to you? Size 11.

Appreciate the offer, but I’m a size 9 (and already have a burgundy pair). Thanks anyway.

But think of the simultaneous agony and comfort… Think of it.

Most I’ve ever spent on shoes too, enraging.

wear whatever the fuck you want, it’s your body, nobody else’s business.

Unless you are trying to look cool in which case don’t bother just be cool instead

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really like that suit.

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would go for some dark brown brogues, a bit like this

Just paint your feet brown, dummy

I really want to take the piss, but I know I have to decide on a suit colour to get married in and my normal dark grey doesn’t really seem appropriate and I’m scared of change, all of which makes me more sympathetic.

So I suggest pink fluffy slippers.

I’d certainly be going towards the blue end of the spectrum with that suit, I think. I feel black and brown would clash a bit. burgundy would be the best of the options on offer. It was burgundy you said, wasn’t it?

Burgundy, aye. I’ve got a very quick turnaround in the flat in just under an hour, so we’ll see what happens.

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These don’t look like my legs.