What colour was your primary school uniform? #schoolweek

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple?
  • Other - please explain

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White shirt.
Navy jumper (optional).
School tie (blue with gold stripes).
Black / grey trousers.
Black / grey socks.
Black shoes.

You had to wear a tie in primary school? Hardcore.

Tie at primary school? Nerd

Didn’t have one

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Light blue polo, navy jumper

we had green jumpers but i don’t remember ever wearing them except for like school photos and etc

Red jumper, red, white or black polo. No tie, obviously.

Grey skirt or trousers.
Pale blue shirt and red tie.
Grey cardigan or jumper or blue sweatshirt with school logo on.

There aren’t many things in life more stupid than the fact that some schools make like 6 year old kids wear a tie





White shirt + blue jumper at primary school 1
White polo + green jumper at primary school 2
Grey polo + grey jumper at secondary - black jumper in y11.

green jumper
yellow polo shirt

we also had flowery dresses for summer

Tie, v-neck jumper, shirt, shorts, pull up socks. Cap optional.

Get on my level.

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For the first few years, they gave us ties where the bit round the neck was an elastic band, because they knew young kids wouldn’t know how to tie it.

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Yeh we had those ones too! Then it got really competitive for like who could tie there tie yet or not as we got a bit older.

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We moved house twice while I was in middle school so:
Year 4 - Green
Year 5 and 6 - blue
Year 7 - brown and yellow

Wasn’t great when kids worked out that you could stretch it out by pulling the tie and after they let it go, it’d catapult straight into your throat.

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