What colour was your school uniform?



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Maroon, beige and yellow for me


Primary school: Red

Secondary: Black, black and blue tie.


Never had one.




Black and gold


primary - green and yellow
secondary - mauve



Blue and black

Never wore the school jumper though. Set me apart from my peers


Alright Sam Sparro.


Black (lock me in the cellar and feed me spoons etc)



Twenty characters or whatever the fuck it is


didn’t have one


Which school?



primary[quote=“antpocalypsenow, post:13, topic:901, full:true”]


primary school: green and yellow
middle school: green and white
high school: blue OR black, red detailing on ties


Dark blue and white
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Primary School: Green with Grey trousers
Secondary School: Navy Blue


Primary school: Navy and light blue.
Secondary school (Junior Certificate): Wine and grey.
Secondary school (Leaving Certificate): Black jumper, white shirt, grey trousers.


secondary school:

  • navy blue blazer
  • white shirt
  • navy blue tie with double white stripe (additional yellow stripe available if you represented the school at county level in sports, but nothing available if you represent the school in something cool like maths :-1:
  • grey trousers only, and explicitely not black trousers (everyone wore black trousers)

except in year 11 when you could wear a navy sweatshirt instead of a blazer, and in my case don’t wear a tie either because i lost it over the summer and didn’t want to buy a new one so chanced it on the first day and no-one ever pulled me up on it

junior school:

  • maroon v-neck jumper
  • shirt or polo shirt - i had a fetching maroon polo shirt that i wore for a bit, was very on brand
  • grey trousers




Primary: navy with light blue shirt/polo shirt

Secondary: black with white shirt, red and black tie (optional grey jumper, never worn by me)

6th form (same school but they started a merger and a new name): black with white shirt, black and gold tie (optional grey jumper, never worn by me)