What constitutes bland socks?


I was livid when Erin said I had bland socks yesterday.

Bland, my arse.

Sock chat (rolling)

Bland request


Show us the socks in question.


They’re in the washing bin at home.

I’m wearing blood relatives of them now.


please, over your feet, nothing else saps


sounds like i want to see you naked bar these socks now


Well… get them out!



Yesterday’s had maybe more, some grey and some pink. Same pattern.


OH! They’re amazing. Erin is obviously insane.


Fixed this for you


I think it’s because they’re not dayglo or featuring a cartoon character.


And thank you.


Maybe she said band socks

They look like nice brown socks with a sweatband round them


Haha, you are most welcome!


They’re not bland! They have a nice geometric pattern.

For years I used to solely* wear black socks with no pattern. However (a) they were surprisingly difficult to pair and (b) I discovered the joy of coloured and patterned socks :slight_smile:


Difficult to pair?

Mate, the best thing about plain black socks if that it doesn’t matter how you pair them. They all go together!


Sell out.

re: pairing all you do is when you need to buy a couple of pairs of new socks, just get rid of the lot and buy, what, a dozen new pairs of the same black ones. Pairing problems - gone.

Nothing but pure, hard black socks for me. Nothing. Even annoyed that these latest ones have ‘Pringle’ on the side tbf.


I’ve slowly got rid of all my plain socks.

Life’s too short to be wearing socks that don’t give me joy.


There are many things I could call that sock but bland is not one of them