What constitutes good table manners in 2017

Can we agree?

Can we agree to disagree?

Can we have all-out fucking war?

Or all-out fucking on the dinner table?

Elbows on the table is absolutely fine. #hottake


No phones at the table (save for emergencies). Amazes me when I go to a restaurant and see a couple/family sat there on their phones all evening.


No phones at the table
Don’t talk with your mouth full
Say thank you to whoever made dinner
Wait until everyone has their meal before you start eating

That’s it I think.

Can we put elbows on the table now? I never understood that one…


No, you wait until the people who don’t have their food to do the decent thing and tell you to get started.


don’t leave until everyone has finished eating
pick up your weetos if you drop them on the floor

My boyfriend regularly farts at the dinner table, usually whilst I’m/we’re still eating.
He blames the chairs? He says the way they are makes him want to fart.

But it SERIOUSLY winds me up and I think its rude and disgusting. Fart wherever you want but not at the dinner table and especially not whilst i’m still eating you prick


What, arrogant or something?

i find anyone on their phone in company to be really rude. if I want to check my phone for something I’ll excuse myself, then look at it, then return

hashtag dis meat hashtag phone’s out


my kids think it’s hilarious to fart at the table.

It’s horrible

He says they are curved in a way that makes the farts come out
They are funny chairs but they echo it even louder than it should be.

i’d honestly consider breaking up with a partner over that. not really cool with farting around other people anyway, but at the dinner table?..

fucking hell.

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tbf it’s both

It REALLY annoys me and gives me such rage. I don’t want to smell your farts whilst i’m eating my dinner, piss off!

Eating with your fork in your right hand? Totally fine.


I think we’ve discussed farting around each other on here before. I’m ok with that TO A DEGREE.

That’s just manners full stop tho.
I’ve been out with people not even for food and they’ve just been glued to their phones and i’m like hello are you even here

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If cutting something to share into two or more, let the cuttee choose last

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the gf thought it would be fine to paint her fucking nails whilst we were having breakfast yesterday.
why you opening all the windows?
cos the room fucking stinks of nail polish.

I enjoy the threads that make me less sad to be single.

Thanks, guys.

Phones really piss me off. I stayed with my sister and her boyfriend for a few months when I first left my ex wife. They’d get in, eat, put something on tv and sit on their phones, then go to bed (and still be on their phones). Made me incredibly sad. Best bit was when they caught something that they’d missed on the tv, rewind it, then go straight back to the phones.

Really don’t want my son to grow up like that, but I fear he may be in the minority as it’s become the norm.