What constitutes "making" cous cous?

This is now the general cous cous thread.

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Same thing that constitutes “making” noodles, rice or boiled potatoes.


All carbohyGBOL

Boiling the kettle and pouring hot water on it


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My method:

boil kettle
put some cous cous in a pyrex dish
whack some bouillon powder shit in (or a stock thingy)
when kettle’s boiled, pour on top of cous cous until there’s a TINY layer on top
stir stock in
leave COVERED for 5 minutes



CBA to make cous cous
it’s too small when it’s dried. I imagine I would drop it and it would be a mess.

I’ll just buy pre made nice cous cous like little salads from m&s



Nobody like to jazz it up by mixing a bit of oil into it prior to the addition of stock/water?

Also: sultanas?

Cous cous is shite btw, friends. I vowed never to eat it again after I ordered a rack of lamb with roast potatoes in Bruges once and they served a lamb cous cous salad thing that was utterly shite.

i jazz it up when it’s done with whatever’s in the fridge (peppers, tomatoes, spring onion, feta, sun dried tomatoes, falafel, spinach, bit of hummus on the side)

pomegranate :+1:


Was it small cous cous or giant cous cous?

I call is coos coos. true story

Small. Giant cous cous is good and I have not vowed to not eat that.

1.2:1 ratio of water to cous cous

Add in a little ras el hanout

Stir, then cover for at least 5 minutes.

Add a nob of butter. Leave for another minute.

Fluff up with fork


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Whats your opinion on Fregola pasta?

Sounds made up and looks like a cereal that I would like a bowl of