What constitutes "making" cous cous?

Imagining this as a Mail headline.

My method is first boil some top veg - broc, cauli, peas, etc
Pour out most of the excess water but then put couscous and spinach and rocket in the pan with some of the stocky water
Then out on the plate, chili flakes, olive oil, lemon.

I have never made cous cous but did eat it for lunch earlier on.

That rhymes!

Here’s a very, very loosely related thing which includes a poll.

Was playing The Logo Game with pals a the weekend before last and I was asked the question “What is needed to make a Pot Noodle” and I said “A kettle” and Becky (who was asking the question) gave it to me despite the answer on the card being “hot water” because she felt the question was vague enough for my answer to be correct. This caused a level of incredulity that really threatened to ruin the weekend away. So here are my polls about it:

  • “A kettle” is a valid answer to the question “What do you need to make a Pot Noodle”
  • “A kettle” is NOT a valid answer to the question “What do you need to make a Pot Noodle”

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  • The answer on the card is the ONLY acceptable answer in board games
  • It is up to the questioner whether they accept an answer given in a board game

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it’s no quinoa

Are there any other food types that are the same word repeated?

The kettle itself won’t make the pot noodle. The kettle with make hot water.


The kettle essential cranks up the heat


I agree with both you and @allnerve on this but I wasn’t about to undermine the questioner like that. Jack (the questioner’s husband) was furious though and made a very extensive list of other ways you could get hot water to make a Pot Noodle that I would very much have backed up if it was someone else getting away with it.

Sounds like Becky is in ‘hot water’!!




I would have flipped the table at that.

It got very close to that tbh

That’s the main travesty of it all tbh, it’s a very poorly worded question that brought the whole game into disrepute very easily.

Yeah, that very much happened as well

Alright, balonz

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And surely by far the most important thing you need to have is a Pot Noodle?

knob of butter :man_shrugging:

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Yeah I was wondering this the other day. I watched a YouTube called making cous cous from scratch, and it sounded interesting. but really they were just taking plain cous cous and giving it stock and flavour and I felt like it was a really stupid video.