What could you go today?


could go a pint tbqfh, and then maybe some kind of indian food.

might get a lamb rogan, paratha and a mushroom rice from my local on’t way home.

what could you go



I thought that this was a typo but it’s another of those internet phrases, isn’t it?


really really hate this phrasing fwiw


so you could go a better phrasing in this thread?


just mine i reckon fopps


Could go some peanut butter cups, tbqfhumble.





I go for for a bike ride: down through Penge, Beckenham, West Wickham, Elmers End, down Gates Green and Jackass, up past Keston Church, down Shire, through Downe, past Charles Darwin’s house, back down Jail Lane, up past Biggin Hill airport, back via Jackass. Cheeky pint in the Jolly Woodman on the way home, then I’d pick up a pide. Done. Smashed it.


Bit far north for you, isn’t it?

@japes gets me


what could you go what?!!!
In Dorset they say “Where’s he to?” which is another phrasing that is shit!


you could go calming down


I’m a chill dude dude


could go a san pelli limonata and some kind of choc bar. could literally do this if i went to the canteen but dunno if i cba. i go there too many times a day as is and interactions with the lass who works there are getting increasingly awkward


hmmm chocolate bar, good shout. could go one of those maltesers chocolate bars…



The distance



teasers? can never find one of those that doesn’t feel like it’s smashed to bits. can’t buy a chocolate bar if i know it’s not structurally intact


agreed. my local sainos they’re generally in good condo


is there actually a place called Jackass?


Could go a pizza tbh mate but I’m gonna treat myself to one on Thurs/Fri instead