What Council Tax band are you?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • It’s built in to the overall cost of my accommodation
  • No idea
  • Not on counciltaxbook

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I have two things to add to the Council Tax Chat:

  • I’m on Band A, because I live opposite a block of housing association flats and I think they must have banded the whole street with the same band;
  • My dad was a poll tax protestor. I remember being really worried that he was going to get thrown in jail for non-payment.

Had no idea so I just looked it up: C :open_mouth:

Can’t remember, I think it was lower than I expected, presumably because of the local authority properties on the street.

I’ve texted Dr Mrs Epimer to ask, so we now need to think of a reason for why I want to know, because she will ask.


Tell her that CCB wants to know


B apparently. Is it true that it’s based on what your property was worth in 1991? Because seeing what it was worth then and what it’s worth now is deeply depressing.

“[Winston] off the internet wants to know”

I don’t think you have much to fear. This thread has 12 replies written all over it.

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Looked it up and it’s D.

That’s the kind of detail I was looking for. Good job, @ttf

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yeah boiii





I had to look mine up too.

Here’s the website for doing so: https://www.gov.uk/council-tax-bands

Oh, then it’s B.

I’ll tell Dr Mrs Epimer that she’s no longer needed.

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It is E.

Mostly Cs on the street too. Everything’s coming up Epimerhouse.

Only a B? Haven’t you just moved? A Dr and a lawyer, only in a B rated house? Don’t they know you have an aviary?


In our defence, we’re both pretend doctors and I’m only a pretend lawyer.


doesn’t that mean you pay more?

No, less.

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banding valuation must be wrong. What’s the address, I’ll let them know

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