What Council Tax band are you?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • It’s built in to the overall cost of my accommodation
  • No idea
  • Not on counciltaxbook

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I have two things to add to the Council Tax Chat:

  • I’m on Band A, because I live opposite a block of housing association flats and I think they must have banded the whole street with the same band;
  • My dad was a poll tax protestor. I remember being really worried that he was going to get thrown in jail for non-payment.

Had no idea so I just looked it up: C :open_mouth:

Can’t remember, I think it was lower than I expected, presumably because of the local authority properties on the street.

I’ve texted Dr Mrs Epimer to ask, so we now need to think of a reason for why I want to know, because she will ask.


Tell her that CCB wants to know


B apparently. Is it true that it’s based on what your property was worth in 1991? Because seeing what it was worth then and what it’s worth now is deeply depressing.

“[Winston] off the internet wants to know”

B with 25% single occupancy discount

I don’t think you have much to fear. This thread has 12 replies written all over it.

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Looked it up and it’s D.

That’s the kind of detail I was looking for. Good job, @ttf

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yeah boiii


So weird how most council tax goes on social care, and that something so important is at the whim of local politics that pretend it’s about bin collections. Should be abolished and replaced with appropriate income tax

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I had to look mine up too.

Here’s the website for doing so: https://www.gov.uk/council-tax-bands

Had to pay in full before I moved in because zero occupancy is not single occupancy, I guess that’s good for making sure landlords and multiple property owners don’t get off the hook but in my situation seemed weird

Oh, then it’s B.

I’ll tell Dr Mrs Epimer that she’s no longer needed.

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It is E.

Mostly Cs on the street too. Everything’s coming up Epimerhouse.

Only a B? Haven’t you just moved? A Dr and a lawyer, only in a B rated house? Don’t they know you have an aviary?


In our defence, we’re both pretend doctors and I’m only a pretend lawyer.