What Cypress Hill track?

Features the opening (I think it’s the opening) line…

Some people can something something something (I forget what he raps here),

Some people can FUCK OFF AND GO TO HELL.

Pretty sure it’s B-Real rapping. I just skipped through the first 2 albums, which are the only ones I own by Cypress Hill and I’ll be damned if I can find it…So sure it is Cypress Hill.



This is it.

Fantastic. Thanks. Runs to somewhere to virtually buy the album.

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Such a brilliant opening line. He sounds kind of serious, but it has a lot a comedic value.

I love those albums. Especially the first one.

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They are great, people don’t really talk about them nowadays. Dark blunted masterpieces, I stopped listening to them after Skull & Bones. Searching for Temples Of Boom vinyl right now.

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Yeah, I pretty much stopped after Black Sunday. DJ Muggs having a real renaissance, though - knocking out some top tier stuff the last couple of years.

Are they still going?

Is it about cannabis?

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Is there one Cypress Hill song not about cannabis?

Ones about killing police?

Cypress Hill did do something a year or so back which I never got round to listening to, but Muggs is seemingly working his way through all the most interesting underground rap artists and making albums with them. Some of them a bit patchy, but loads are really good. He must be in double figures the last 2 years. Can stick a few tracks in a playlist if you’re interested.


Yep, go for it.


Cheers, added.

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Temple of boom is a great record. Such a thick layer of atmosphere


Cypress Hill’s last album from 2018 was really great. You can see the direction Muggs production was headed with some of the stuff on there. Definitely their best since Temples of Boom.


It deffo sags in sags in a few places but yeah it was surprisingly strong

Totally though I think they’ll score way lower than they deserve. They’re a bit of a meme/joke for a lot of people in 2021 but those first 3 albums are all really good and hold up really well today. Especially Temples which just gets better with age IMHO

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They’re great aren’t they. They do stand the test of time well. Those beats, the lyrical flow and delivery. That screech. First 2 albums are real Classics. Next 3 albums ain’t bad either.

I always point to this one from the most recent record


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