What day do you *generally* do your weekly laundry wash?

No chat thread.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Option for people to pretend they’re mavericks who don’t have a general washday
  • Option for people who have kids and so do more than one set of laundry a week
  • Option for people who still live at home and let their parents do it so not arsed

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Weekly?? Its practically daily.


I now see the option i require.

Please disregard chat.

Couple of times a week, as and when needed.

No kids but the tv seems to put a wash on almost every day. Not sure where all these clothes are coming from.

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Whenever the basket is full.


“no chat”, lol

About three times a week, as and when

I used to live with someone who would machine wash and tumble dry their work clothes at the end of every day with nothing else in with them

One weekend, one in the week, normally Tuesday or Thursday


There’s only two of us but I’m doing two or three washes a week, if I lived on my own it would probably be once a fortnight but husband goes through clothes really fast and says he doesn’t notice when the basket is full (this is a mid-range irk)

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Don’t have any kids (that I know of anyway AMIRITE LADS #oioi) but it’s 2-3 loads a weekend (and also of washing!! #wheeeeeey) usually.

Mostly her clothes though. So many layers. So many layers.

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as long as I can leave it for. sometimes can get washes down to 2 weeks apart

Every two days then…

Did they only own one pair of pants

Far too freestyle for that. But the rate I do gym, I do every other day. I used to do it every night but you’ll be pleased to know I bought more nice gym clothes.

No and get this - the reason was they only owned one pair of jeans and insisted they needed washing every day so might as well thro the other stuff on from the day too.

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Did they have a very stinky crotch

Don’t think so

Got clothes that I never see anymore. Barely ever get down to second layer of tshirts before we’ve done a wash.

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