what day do you usually do your weekly shop?

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Depends
  • Don’t do one

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Normally get a delivery on a Friday night or Saturday morning.


Tend to buy for a couple of days in advance rather than a week

  • basket
  • small trolley
  • big trolley
  • just stuff things into my pockets
  • other

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Need something to do with my life, and at the moment that is tiny shops very regularly.


Get a home delivery once a month for things like pasta, tins, cat food, loo rolls, etc. Go to the local shops 3 or 4 times a week for fresh food or any other stuff I need to top up.

Usually get it delivered on Sunday.

Was away for a few days this week so didn’t bother with Sunday and had it last night instead and it has caused chaos with the meal planning.

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Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on food levels in the house.

Get delivery every Friday

Do a top up probably Tuesday.

It’s none of your business really. Where do you get off asking questions like this?


Actually yeah, why the hell did I answer that poll?

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I think it’s time we had a meaningful conversation as a community about the willingness with which we just impart any and every detail about our existence just because someone (usually thefuckingwarn) is rude enough to ask


Kind of try and have stuff delivered for Friday because that’s when the weekend celebrations begin. Not always stuck to though.

Don’t do a big shop as I actually like going to the shops plus I have no food intake control so I’d just eat all the food in one day.

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It’s as well they didn’t ask more personal, probing questions, as who knows how much detail I’d have divulged!

Gonna watch my back from now on.

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I wasn’t asking you

Well, could you make that a bit clearer please?

sorry, sometimes I use question marks when I shouldnt?

nervous habit?

Fridays the day for the true pro-shoppers I see

I just pop into the supermarkets every few days. Works out that roughly you get a tenner of shopping to a bag, so buy up to £20’s worth of stuff so I can walk home.

Usually rotate between LIDUL, ALDIS, ASDAS, Mozzers and the big TESCOS.

If I did do bigshops, though, I’d do them on Friday afternoon after work, just because that’s what my parents did as a kid, and it’s nice to have a full fridge when you’re off.