What day even is it evening thread


Alright fam? I know it’s a bit early but I have wifi so I’m saying hello. After a week of camping I’m just gone a bit mad in Tim Hortons, bacon and egg muffin, hash brown and maple doughnut. Having a bit of a sugar high.

Went canoeing yesterday and saw a tiny bear cub that was injured and abandoned by its mum :broken_heart:. Given up on even brushing my hair most days and I have about 60 mosquito bites on me :slightly_frowning_face:. Heading to Whistler today and going either ziplining or bungee jumping tomorrow. Would sell my family for a comfy bed.


OMG, I love a good zipline :smiley: Wweeeeee!!!


Congrats on your new pet bear cub

In Whistler I recommend you hire yourself a mountain bike and get rad on the trails

I’m about to eat a reduced posh ready meal for 2 by myself and try and find something to watch on Netflix


Oh wow this is early

I’m down. Ate a salad and three (3) veggie sausages (79 kcal each). Is that too much? No dessert. So badly want to wake up tomorrow and have lost weight. Think I might be getting a bit obsessed.

Idk what to do so I might just go to bed. Really don’t want to go to work tomorrow either.


PS your time in Canada sounds amazing.


Very jealous. Been trying to convince MrS to go on holiday again next week, Wales so not pricey but he’s not having it!!

Planning for my big birthday holiday next year now :smile:

Chips for tea, might have fried egg with it. Yumyum


I have no concept of time anymore


Hello leafy, sounds like a blast. You better not have halved that doughnut otherwise plasticniks will be on your case

Pub quiz tonight, haven’t been to one in ages. £250 prize appaz! We’ll probably come about 6th.


Absolutely no chance


Im.at a pub quiz with a similarly large prize tonight! narrows eyes could you be… A RIVAL??


COFFEE AND TIMBITS??? man I want to visit canada again/ live there and bring up that bear cub. Enjoy Laufy!!

Home alone for dinner. Kind of want to be sensible and have eggs and avo and toast and that, but also want to cane 2 takeout burritos.

Will probably go do some squats in the gym later regardless (I think I might need the burritos for energy right?)


If it’s in and around the Notting Hill area… it’s on!!


@laelfy rn


Except she’s in Canada.


Always like Brian Butterfield


just got home.

pretty hungry


Had 2 seperate visits from members of the regional management team today. Pretty :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Baby is babbling and squeaking away which is great and she’s been rolling over like a goodun today. Having halloumi salad for dinner.

Hope yr trip is going well Laelfy :+1:


Absolutely not! Calorie counting worked for me when I lost a bunch of weight and my friend has done even better with it recently. He fully obsessed over it but that’s a strategy that could go badly if it starts to make you feel bad about yourself.

So, just be kind to yourself and remember it’ll be a long process. A bad day doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you won’t reach your goal - they’re all just necessary steps to learn from before you get where you want to be :slight_smile:


Thanks jaggy p

Such a long and slow process. I’m trying to cut carbs (which I’m doing fairly well on), count calories, and not eat after 1900.


Mmmm - timbits!

Doing bedtime on my own followed by dinner for one, since the other half is out. Hope tonight is better sleep wise for Jimbo.