What day even is it evening thread

I made a mung bean roast and veggies, followed by some leftover apple pie and custard.

I’m proper full.

Going to see Lucy Dacus. Left late, my local venue also does Chinese food, I’m going to combine eating and giging for the first time

Always tempted when I go there but there’s something too weird about eating chow mein while watching tweecore nobodies

I don’t know how I’ve not done it before, sizzling wok was my favourite Chinese delivery and it was right there in the venue (was replaced by smokey joe burgers, possibly the best burger I’ve had but again never at the venue, now it’s a Chinese again I’ve never tried)

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Definitely pick zip-lining over bungee Laefly! Looks the least terrifying of the two…

Been off work with a chest infection over the past two days so just been alternating between hot soup and cold squash to keep my energy up. Been catching up on the latest series of Preacher though which has been fairly ace. Might watching a movie later (thinking The Killing of a Sacred Deer) to spice things up.

Got the flat all to myself this evening also. Not sure what to do have for dinner mind. Upon inspecting the freezer and cupboards, my options seem to be veggie fingers and potatoes (Which I’ll probably mash, I reckon)…

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People who sit on the steps at Clapham junction

All about the mandarín for me, man. One of the few restaurants I have absolute loyalty to

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Did you ever go to forum court in godalming? It’s a dominos now

^ the origin story of why I hate pizza

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Nope, where was it?

The only place i frequented in godalming was piggies.

And that really good old style chippy I can’t remember the name of

Up past the pepperpot, not the take away one, the sit down one that also does takeaway, next to the godalming kebab centre

image https://s3-media3.fl.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/xhPA6HBhqYIDkHFI2quWTg/348s.jpg

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I did notice there was a pizza place there recently tbh.

Anyone else up for some #godalming chat?

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Docklands Museum was fun earlier in the kids bit, R had a blast but then had a tantrum when we had to leave, and when we got home he was overtired and wouldn’t nap until eventually he fell asleep on my lap for a bit. Have done a lot of lazy tv watching with him this afternoon because I was overtired too so couldn’t really manage proper parenting.

Completely drained from the day in the kind of way that makes me never want to go anywhere or do anything ever again.

That’ll be a great gig. One of my AOTY

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One of my partner’s ATDs lives in godalming


Yeah I’m glad I listened to it and didn’t let this gig slip by, it’s right up my street, very prime saddle creek esque, also Chinese food

Whole load of stuff like that released this year. Cracking year for it.


You come up on the mung bean pools or something?

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Woke up a few times last night by the bairn and at one point I remember thinking at ‘it’s fine if I am tired tomorrow cause it is friday.’ I realised pretty quickly how spectacularly wrong I was and it made me feel pretty terrible for the five minutes before I fell asleep again.

The brain eh? What a dick.

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