What day is it? Day thread

Morning :sunny::sunflower:

Off to some talks in Wembley today, then back home for tea. Horrifically, people from work are coming to the talks this year, last year it was bozo free bliss, and got to spend the whole day avoiding small talk ffs.


Morning duskers et al!

I think it’s pronounced ‘Wem-ber-leee!’ by the locals. It’s more authentic if you shout.

I’m recording a radio show (finally) and making slow-cooked beans and bread for tea. It’s a genuine favourite of mine.



Was planning to go to Manchester for some museuming today. Back is knackered though, so that’s off the cards. It’s feeling quite a bit better than yesterday but I’m not capable of much more than shuffling around.

Got a few light duties to do around the house but will be mostly doing this all day. Bit of Xbox, bit of YouTube, bit of Tour de France.


Busy old day in the office today. Cannot be arsed in the slightest.
I’ve got nothing else to say, literally nothing

Didn’t go for my run this morning so got that to look forward to :yawning_face:

Womens euros kicks off today! :soccer:
Tour de France continues :biking_man:
Probably tennis…? :person_shrugging:

Also just gonna watch rolling news of boris wriggling :worm:

Always enjoyed the way James hetfield says Wembley.

Hard to type of phonetically… kind of like… when-bleh.

One of my favourite people in the world lives in Wembley but they’ve gone AWOL of late so if you could please stand at the top of the stadium steps and bellow “TEXT DR EPIMER” at intermittent points throughout the day then that would be much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.


Just bought some yellow dungaree shorts. Hopefully they’ll be here in time for this weekend’s impending warm snap :high_brightness::high_brightness::high_brightness::high_brightness:

Morning. Work, TdF. That’s it.


Still feel like a bag of garbage trash in human form. Uncool tbh

More albums from my addictive buying streak arriving shortly, messing around with some things at work to avoid actually doing anything hard … that’s it. Might spend more money I shouldn’t because why the fudge not

Still haven’t watched ANY tennis somehow, un so lazy with week one. So, today I will put it on

Really need to actually do some work today.

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Don’t know how I’m meant to not be all sweaty when I get on the train, given I have to stride up a big old hill to get to the station. Something should be done.

Terrible night sleep, and not because of 10 week old baby…oh no, she was asleep, I was not thanks to the joys of toothache. Ive lost a chunk off a tooth right at the back and over the last couple of weeks its been increasingly more niggly, until yesterday where it was just painful. Managed to get urgent appointment at 11.30am so hoping he will just whip it out today. Know theyre going to remind me of other work i need done but have been putting off too so thatll be fun.

Therefore today is dropping baby off at in laws, dentist, get baby, shops to get a birthday present for my sister then this evening will be visit to my sister and takeaway tea.

Big day.

:soccer: :calendar: It’s fixture day at long last and in 4 minutes I will know how my year pans out!!

:soccer: :running_woman: Also also going to Women’s Euros opener at Old Trafford and I’m wearing red and white for the occasion, staying with my ex after so should get some lovely cuddles at least.

:x: fuming that Baby Queen tickets seem to have immediately sold out??? Only didn’t get presale tickets because I couldn’t access internet on my phone in the office yesterday fffffffff



Multiple colleagues tested pos for covid yday and I have a cough. Probably nothing but means cancelled plans as a precaution for the rest of the week. BIT crap coz had a lot on but that’s wacky covid for you

Currently on a train to London. London isn’t sunny like Brighton. Boo.

Pretty sure there was someone in a wig on the train earlier. Either that or he had a really weird straight line cut into the back of his hair. I don’t think I’ve noticed a wig for years - I thought that wig technology had improved or people had given up on them

morning everyone, weather is crap, i am busy writing stuff at work, and cannot be arsed.

had a coffee and a crossiant for breakfast though, all good

@inthedusk, I tried the M&S Pinas yesterday after you hyped them up so much on here. Absolutely not for me unfortunately, the Passion Star Martini and the Pink G&Ts are more my speed.

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what does this mean why is it here