What day is it Evening Thread


Evening all. I haven’t left the house for two days as it’s been snowing so heavily. Just had lasagne for tea. Got to go to Clydebank tomorrow - don’t think I’ve ever been there so that will be an adventure to look forward to! Might watch the football with my dad or GBBO with my mum.

What are you up to tonight?


Evening laelfy, got a harissa-heavy dins tonight, football in the background, will have to be checking in on work and emails sporadically but nothing major. We got a new smart meter installed today so I’m quite keen to see how much everything costs.


might finish up a drawing


is it evening time already? i haven’t even eaten my real dinner (salad), instead i snacked on a fake dinner (pizza). might not actually eat my real dinner.

work today was ok. tomorrow i have this huge meeting though and i am not looking forward to it.

last night i took an ambien and the tv just said i was talking all kinds of garbage in my sleep, about filing reports and fixing broken things. lolz huh?


Still at work. Here until 8, then jacket spuds and salad for tea, and then bed


Making cupboard curry (cauliflower, chick pea, potato, onion, tomato, coconut milk). Umming and ahhing over chucking some cashews in there. 5 a side then football on the telly later


do it!


Given the crazy shit I used to do on that awful drug I’d say you all got away pretty lightly there!






haha yeah i know right? i once ate an entire pizza after taking it and had no recollection afterwards. its blackout potential is extreme.


Gettint enchilladas made for me but i have to finish some work cause I was a zombie at work today.

Very very irrititable right now.

The people around me are too close and smell weird.


Cashews always make a curry better


Going to see Caterina Barbieri at Cafe Oto, quite excited


Got loads of work to do still. Have spent all day ‘managing’ so now need to sit down and code for a bit.


I have been to Clydebank several times and would advise you to lower your expectations.


Better or worse than Airdrie?


It’s honestly pretty comparable.


I trashed rooms, phoned people, lost my glasses (that was a fun one) and all sorts of other assorted japery.