What day is it? Thursday I guess.

Hi. How are you? How about 2 good 2 bad for this fine Thursday?

  • It’s actually quite ok to be back at work after the Christmas break and taking time off to move house. Wonder how long that will last.
  • Lots of hectic personal stuff happening atm, including the parents-in-law being weirdly awful to my gf.
  • Put some pictures up in the new house yesterday which was very nice.
  • The snow is melting and refreezing so outside is a slippery death trap right now.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


:angry: couldn’t sleep
:angry: snow melted

:blush: can probably nap through work
:blush: it’s nice to be up early sometimes?
:blush: going to buy some grass seeds later

Morning @stupidsexyflanders @frenchtoast @BoneyM @aboynamedgoo @LilWoodyToodelly and all those who post below :arrow_down:

:smiley: there is more sunlight today than yesterday! Here are your figures:

  • 2m47 in London
  • 3m26 in Edinburgh
  • 2m56 in King’s Lynn

:smiley: I have no meetings today whatsoever. Feels almost like a day off

:frowning: feel a bit sad because someone I used to know seems to have got into a load of QAnon conspiracy BS
:frowning: Would quite like do be doing something at the weekend


Just woke up to some brutal hail, which was pretty exciting. It’s my dog’s birthday today! She is three, they grow up so fast oh my word.



:white_check_mark: its sunny today and tomorrow
:white_check_mark: looking forward to the matcha latte I will make for breakfast
:negative_squared_cross_mark: woken up by screamy foxes so very tired
:negative_squared_cross_mark: have a lot to do

:heavy_plus_sign: First day of 6 days annual leave
:heavy_plus_sign: It’s not raining band is nice out, so gonna take the kids on a big walk

:heavy_minus_sign: The house is an absolute fucking mess and I haven’t got the energy to tidy up
:heavy_minus_sign: I really need a haircut

Another day, another heating engineer.

This one has not said what time they’ll turn up, only a promise to call me one hour in advance. No call so far.

Let’s play the guessing game. The heating engineer will turn up:

  • Before 10 AM
  • Between 10 AM and 12 PM
  • Between 12 PM and 2 PM
  • Between 2 PM and 4 PM
  • Between 4 PM and 6 PM
  • After 6 PM
  • No show today

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:grinning:my daughter’s online schooling includes two hours of PE this morning so we will probably go on a good long walk instead of staying in

:grinning: woke up to a big rainbow this morning

:cry: my left arm has been hurting for days in one spot. Feels like I’ve had a brutal injection there or something

:cry: dog has had an upset stomach and so is on small amounts of very basic bland food, but she keeps looking up hopefully every time anyone goes anywhere near the kitchen and it feels awful to disappoint her


Can you add sunrise/sunset times into your posts please?

Guess I’ll get up.

:+1: It would appear that my jeans went through the wash with something glittery. Let me tell you that I look very cool today.

:+1: Slept well for the first time in a while

:-1: Zoom meeting in 10 minutes that I do not want

:-1: Have to pay my annual tax bill. I have no qualms in paying tax, but I do wish that HMRC would devise a means for self employed people to pay as they go, rather than face a horrendous lump sum in the worst month of the year,

Glittery jeans though.


Booked this afternoon off work. No reason, might go for a long walk.
Drag Race UK tonight

I really miss my BF :cry:
Its still January, somehow, and will be for another 10 days. Rude IMO

  • The end of a very long week is in sight
  • My head space has vastly improved from where it was a week ago
  • Pretty bloody skint till i get paid in a week
  • Wee Jackson is getting old, he was at the vets earlier in the week and we were told his eye sight isn’t what it should be and neither is his hearing. Also more heart breaking is that the vet said he shouldn’t be chasing the trains anymore as it’s playing havoc with his joints/back etc. He loves chasing the trains :cry: :sob: :cry:

yeah so all just bullet points :grimacing: :joy:


Oh 2 good
Got a nice loaf for toast.
Really enjoying The Twelve which I’ll watch this evening

2 bad
Should really have got up for a potter before work
Have to lead a meeting at 10am and cba

Poor Jackson, give him huge rubs, he’s glorious