What deliveries are you currently waiting on?



Shout out to @AphexTwinkletoes.

  • a synth pedal
  • three separate lots of Star Wars penoid cards and dice
  • a Thread.com package. Can’t even remember what I bought.

Et vous?




  • Two 80-120L trekking bags from Decathlon

  • door number sign
  • some coloured duct tape
  • Penge CC winter jersey


2018 calendar


Choosing to believe these are all for the same bike race.


How are they going to know where to deliver it to in the first place?


Loft storage boxes.

Phwoar: https://www.plasticboxshop.co.uk/home-storage-c1/bedroom-and-bathroom-organisation-c16/loft-storage-c87/loft-storage-boxes-multi-buy-deal-p925


Can you not store it on the top of your house



I’m doing my Kanye Best marckee.


Southend United kit for my sons 4th birthday
Southend United mug to replace the one that went missing at work


Stainless steel straws


A subscription to Dot magazine (ordered 15 days ago, think it’s lost)
A spice rack from John Lewis


:heart: dot magazine


Not waiting on it as such but a mystery package has been delivered to our neighbours and I’ve been round 3 times now to collect and nobody has come to the door.




Fridge freezer

On different days, irritatingly. Good excuse to work from home though.


Noname - Telefone on vinyl


Kitchen hood filter.


A suitcase full of belongings. Went missing somewhere between Miami and Heathrow last Monday. Last seen at JFK according to Delta. It’s been caught up in this:

Should point out we didn’t actually fly via JFK, but apparently missing bags on the US east coast are routed through there because there are a tonne of flights to London.

Really hoping to a) get it back, and b) be compensated for some of the stuff we’ve had to buy in the meantime.


Can’t remember the last time I could afford to buy anything other than basic existence facilitators for myself.