What did/ do you want to be when you grew/ grow up?

I think I wanted to be a journalist when I was at school but I never made it past the ‘writing things in exchange for free tickets to gigs’ stage. I know now that I could have done some retraining and probably found work but I’m not sure it’d be as satisfying as I’d hoped it would be.

I’m still not sure what I want to be when I actually grow up now that I’ve decided I don’t like my current job again.

Tell me about your employment hopes/ dreams/ fallacies.

tractor driver.
this is when i was about 3 and didnt know farmers was a thing, just used to point at tractors excitedly and shout twactor twactor (I had a speech impediment)

also had one of these (or simialr)


Still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up


Join the navy

Probably should have done it? Wonder how different I would be

My answer was always “cartoon animator”, never even had to think. Made it to art school (as a painter) so I suppose the dream lasted til then in some vague way


Gave up on that at 12yo after I went to secondary school and basically cba getting into the teams. Definitely didn’t want to a manager in a shop at least.

Fighter pilot until I realised that it would involve, y’know killing people

Then priest

Then scientist

A gentleman of leisure

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Footballer then musician then music writer then record shop owner. Now I’m not sure any of these are likely to happen you know.

Changed every week, don’t think I ever settled on an idea. Went through some of the standard ones (footballer, astronaut, computer games tester) but I don’t think I was ever wedded to any of them. Think I wanted to be a lawyer of some description when I was 16 but having met a few lawyers I’m really glad I didn’t pursue it as I’d have been shit at it.

Oh and musician obviously, although again I’ve realised in later life that I’d be woefully unsuited to touring.

A swell guy

A little bit taller.

A paleontologist.

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Palaeontologist or teacher

Almost as if young kids aren’t best placed to choose careers that would actually be good for them!

Bus driver

Can see you as a bus driver.

I really like sitting down all day so it might work


Farmer. Until I was 5, we had a crop field out the back. I used to sit out there watching the the tractors and the combines doing their thing. then when we moved, there were a couple of hay fields with public access, beyond which there was a crop field. Whenever there was any activity, I’d go and sit on the Stiles on my own and watch all the action. Occasionally, we’d walk up the road past the farmyards and I’d try and sneak an up-close look at the tractors. Think my parents got a telling off once or twice for not controlling me.

Always wanted the Britains farm toys. I had a New Holland TR85 Combine Harvester, but the front was all broken, and I had a really old Ford tractor, that was probably my dad’s and a Massey Ferguson tractor and a rectangular baler and a round baler and a bunch of animals.


In order of what I thought was cool growing up

Person who understands volcanos
Video game designer
Warhammer designer


When I was really small I apparently really wanted to be a dustman and would waddle out to see them when they came round. My first word was ‘dustman’ (actually ‘dumpsman’ but you get the gist)

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