What did everyone think of the new Xiu Xiu album then?


yeah i really like it. was worried with all the collabs it’d be all over the place but its v coherent. nice earthy sound

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Need a beginners guide to Xiu Xiu from someone. I’ve heard I love the Valley and Delicious Ape (like / love respectively). What’s the best entry point?

Fabulous Muscles is my fav, think it’s a good starting point too


Fabulous Muscles is really good but quite difficult - I actually thing ‘Always’ is a really good album for people new to them but a lot of people dont rate it (they’re wrong) because its not as experimental and has a lot more conventional songwriting in it


The Air Force and Women As Lovers are probably my favourites.

I liked it more than the last one. Agree about it being more coherent than might be expected with the collabs.

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The Air Force was my first Xiu Xiu album, and it’s still my favourite. And also a lot easier to get on with than some of their more abrasive stuff. Fabulous Muscles is also fantastic.

It’s great. A Bottle of Rum is a lovely tune

Where’s the best place to start with Xiu Xiu? I’ve only previously listened to the Twin Peaks album.

Not opposed to abrasive. Will dive in with Fabulous Muscles and the dump run later this morning

Same here. It’s a good middle point between the abrasive earlier ones (which are great) and the more convential songwriting of the three records that followed it (which are great). Think it’s also one of their best musically too.

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It’s good. Bit of a relief after Girl with Basket of Fruit, which I should give another chance, I think.

We’re you over on the NME boards back in the day? Joeltheghost? Apologies if not you…

I was, but i wasn’t Joel :smiley:

He was a nice guy, from what i can recall.

Yeah, okay, Fabulous Muscles is really quite astonishing isn’t it?


Honestly think this new one is a great place to start, not that abrasive as far as Xiu Xiu albums go, and the variety of vocal collaborations would ease new listeners to Jamie’s vocals which can take a bit of time to warm up to.

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Yeah, it’s a grand album. Clowne Towne is probably one of their most melodic tunes from that period, and really beautiful. I think there’s a Marissa Nadler cover of it on one of their earlier covers/remix records that’s quite nice too.

The writer clearly has an aversion to uncomfortable music which would make you dislike a lot of xiu xiu’s output by default

It doesnt always land but often think xiu xiu does the whole ‘shock’ thing rather well for the most part.

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Not much