What did you almost invent? (Niche thread)

What inventions did you conceive but not do anything about and now it’s too late anyway?

My idea was boring and my explanation of it is more boring still, so I’m blurring it to protect the unwary.

Ages ago I realised that forgetting to attach documents to emails must cost untold amounts of business dollars every year. Especially when a file is super important and the sender goes home for the day before realising their error.

I figured that the solution was to write some code for an email program that would look for words and phrases which suggested an attachment and then prompted the sender to actually attach the document before sending. All that was stopping me was the ability to write such code.

Do I get a cut of the money that’s saved through my idea? Do I fuck.

Was I the first person to conceive of the solution? Probably not.

I’m not bitter but I am very lazy.

I had the idea for the tv programme Peep Show


are you, aye

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Screw you, japes.

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i almost created a monster :frowning:


This is a great idea but I’m sure gmail already does it.

Oh you already know that. Unlucky.

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Whenever I drink hot chocolate I think they should make a coffee flavoured one, therefore I invented coffee. Similarly when I am getting rained on I think about a machine to block the rain, therefore I invented umbrellas too. Both these things already exist but still think I came up with these ideas independently so deserve credit

You might not deserve credit for any of these ideas.

My friend’s doing a food thing and I said I’d give her money. If I just give her like 20quid every now and then I think that counts as an investment and I get to reap the rewards.

You’ve invented being a weasel.

I think I do though

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Mentioned it before, it’s basically a perpetual motion machine that would definitely work because I did physics!

When I was a kid I invented a system of hooking up the sewers to rubbish bins so that all rubbish would get swept along with the sewage and would mean you would need bin lorries driving round everywhere. My heart was in the right place.

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On whoops I read this as ‘what did you invest in’

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A TripAdvisor style website that does reviews from a vegan/veggie/various dietary requirements perspective but it sort of already exists.
A disruptive industry that pays people to let others use their empty loft/garage/cellar/whatever space as storage space. Would have massive insurance and start up costs but reckon itd make a killing

not very vegan!

isn’t this just called “being mates with @Lo-Pan


Large hadron collider.