What did you do as soon as you finished uni?

Career-wise, and in terms of moving out.

Potentially SSP

I haven’t even graduated yet and I’m already worried. Even though I’m over the moon to have got a 2:1* (considering I did badly in 2nd year and spent most of uni feeling anxious/paranoid/isolated), I don’t actually have a clue what I want to do (something English-related/Politics related I guess, but I don’t know what specifically, or even if I want to do that, should’ve figured this out earlier etc.). Also I didn’t do much extra-curricular at uni (unless campaigning for the Labour society in the 2015 election counts? Or do you need some actual role for it to count as something?), not compared to some people anyway. I’ve been working part-time as a teacher assistant for nearly a year (which sort of complements the degree as it’s teaching English), although technically I haven’t been at uni during this time (I’ve been an external student living at home), so it’s not really “something I did when I was at university” (or is it?) which is what employers are looking for (because it’s where I live, which is miles away from the uni).

Basically I’m starting to crap myself because I’m fairly broke, doing a part-time job I don’t make much money from (because I spend basically half of it getting there), I can’t drive and I live in the middle of nowhere (and I’m not sure I can really cope living here for much longer). I really want to use the uni’s careers services but it’s in Birmingham which is expensive to travel to from where I am (Oxford). And then there’s others things, e.g. even if I get an interview for a job in the location I want to work in/move to, I might not be able to afford to actually get to the interview…

*Also I’m a bit concerned about something someone said here, who said he studied the same subject and got the same classification, and found that his degree was ‘useless after 6 months’ and ended up ‘having to spend years studying something else’. Does that mean I have to find a really good graduate job as soon as possible, and if I don’t in 6 months time, otherwise I’m screwed and my degree will be suddenly be worth less? I thought a degree stayed with you on paper forever…

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense I’ve had no sleep at all (today’s gonna be super shit lol)

Started a job the day I graduated.

I’d already moved into a flat before then.

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Signed up to an industry specific agency the day after my last exam, got an interview two days later and started the job the following week. Had moved out before starting uni.

Retrospectively it would’ve been nice to have more time off but i was poor as fuck

i applied for jobs and luckily got one, thing is that was 15 years ago and things have changed since then.

you have an advantage on a lot of graduates in that you have that work experience which not a lot of others will. you need to really highlight that on applications and link the skills employers list to the ones you have gained doing TAing.

Not a lot of people really know what they want to do at 22 so don’t panic!

Can you ring and have a telephone or online consultation with your university? i know a lot of uni’s offer this kind of thing.

Remeber if you get a job it’s not going to be something you are stuck with for life, think of every job as a stepping stone to where you really want to get to!

Moved back in with my parents for about three years while I pissed around managing betting shops, going back to university and working in call centres.

Moved back to my dad’s and worked at the royal mail for 6 months before landing a sweet minimum wage job in London.

I was fortunate and blagged a job near the start of my final term to start in the September. So had a chilled summer, found a flat in that London, and had a nice couple of months with my soul before selling it.

Did a work placement 1 week every month through my 3rd year, and managed to get a job off the back of that. Money was crap, but I was very lucky as my Dad lived in London so I dossed there for the best part of a year. Then moved to a really rank house share in Wood Green. Again, I was lucky as this was around 1999/2000 so I paid about £260 a month in rent. Also lucky that I hadn’t been stitched up and made to pay university fees so didn’t have that much debt. Would hate to be starting out now - we’ve really f**ked people over.

Stacked shelves at Asda for a bit. Then drove the vans for a bit. Then drove vans at Ocado for a bit before getting a ‘proper’ job there about 3 years after graduating. Probably could’ve found something sooner, but was strongly resisting any old office based drudgery. At least my job is in something I’m interested in and involves some statto skills, so is moderately related to stuff I did at uni.

Depends what your degree is probably, mine is a Geography degree so unless you want to be a Geography teacher or go and do a Masters in something, it’s pretty much a waste of time for anything other than generic spreadsheet based monotony.

If it wasn’t all ‘YOU MUST GO TO UNIVERSITY’ when I was in Sixth Form, I’d have happily gone and banged things with a hammer at JLR or something tbh.

It’s a massive stitch-up, isn’t it? I’m always quite proud of my students who choose to do other things because they know university isn’t really going to do much for them.


Worked in a pub. Had pretty much the best summer ever

did a vocational degree, ended up working full time in that industry before I sat my last exam. had already moved out etc to go to uni and just stayed in the same flat. might have been nice to piss about for a while but oh well.

you must have given some thought to what you want to do after you graduate?

Yeah, I forgot to say that I did a vocational degree too. Which helps. As I didn’t find my dream job or anything, but had skills to get me in the door of somewhere as a dogsbody junior.

Don’t think it helped that it was a Grammar school, weren’t interested in anything other than sending everyone off to do a degree.
Might’ve been a bit different if I’d gone to the local comp instead although even then quite a lot of folk I went to primary school with ended up seemingly doing a degree for the sake of it.

There seems to be a lot more focus on alternatives to uni these days at least I think.

Went home, worked in a factory for the summer to clear my overdraft, got a low-status admin job in London, bailed to London at the first opportunity.

Sometimes I look back and think I was a completely different person.

I think the focus of education in the late 90s-00s was that everyone needs a degree.

I don’t feel like there’s a massive change in attitude but there does seem to be a bit more choice in alternative options.

Worked in uni labs for a few months, moved away to start my PhD, got a menial office job to cover the bills until I started, then did that for four years.

think the fact that it is all so expensive now, not just fees but accommodation etc puts a lot of people off as well.

My uni was £40 a week rent back in the day, now you’re looking at 100s a week

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Dropped out.

Attempted to pursue an ill-fated relationship which was about to become transatlantic.

Took a job flipping burgers in a bowling alley.

Allowed my sleeping/eating patterns to become a complete disgrace.

Pissed off my parents and other close family members to an unprecedented degree.

Yeah, totally. We had a special stream just for the Oxbridge lot. They had no idea about anything remotely vocational and thought I was mad for wanting to do a BTEC after my A-Levels (you had to, to do the degree I wanted to do).