What did you do while DiS was down?


I just hit refrish constantly


I fed my rabbits


I watched an episode of The Frish Prince of Bel Air




I worked on my South African accent too


you getting the “this website cannot be displayed” thing too?


seems to be working now


Hate to say it but i didnt notice. I keep tweeting at pn when it’s offline for a bit but my phone seems to take about 9 jours to send a tweet



When was it down?!

Might have been making a cup of tea and taking photos of my cactus.


while it was down for me on a desktop it was fine on my phone

weird huh


strangest euphemism yet




didn’t work for me on either. was getting really worried i might have to do some work today.


just realised i didn’t answer yr question

i checked the route for a ride i’m doing on sunday


I think we need some official line on this dramatic catastrophe

@discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot? — Gloria Steinem


I was buying a poncho and sombrero


When was it down? I was probably asleep.


Ooo… a clue!!