What did you not know about yourself and then you did know and that was a surprise

I didn’t realise that my nails were weird, I though that everyone’s nails hurt when you trimmed them, the same as it would if you were trimming skin, and that it feels like you have nerve endings in them, but apparently everyone else’s nails are just like… hard lumps that have no feeling?

Anyway what did you not know about yourself and then you did know and that was a surprise


Took me a long long time to realise that everybody else has got earlobes.

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Mine are really big

Mine aren’t there :slightly_frowning_face:

Sums me up tbh


Aren’t where?

That I was such an undesirable man



I disagree. I desire you!

I don’t :handshake:

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That’s a shame.

I realised the other day that one of my ears at the top is like, folded over? Like a cute dogs ear. But I fear it isn’t cute, it’s probably grotesque. Also my left ear has like… A spiky bit? It’s smooth on the other ear. Hard to explain, I’ll let you feel them when we hang.

Posh Nick who sat next to me at work had one normal ear and one completely smooth, featureless ear. It was wild, loved it.

Nice chatting

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My right ear has this! Possible birth confusion?

nostrils different to each other and funny shape

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Wait, on which part? Mines like on the side like, yknow like, in the middle but on the edge?

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That i am hlab27 positive, its an antigen all over my white blood cells that makes me susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Found out after a trip to Moorfields when my sore eyes which I knew wasn’t conjunctivitis as the GP said it was turned out to be hlab27 associated uveitis. Had to wear an eyepatch for a week. Also why I have psoriasis but thankfully its all very mild

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On the outside edge just where it starts to curve down from the top, almost like someone’s tried to nibble it.

Holy shit! And the other side is completely smooth? Are we long lost ear twins?!

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Fucking hell this is big news.