What did YOU tape on to VHS?

For some reason my parents and older sister taped loads of 80s Top of the Pops, not whole episodes oh no that would make too much sense. There’s just random shit on there, like they went oh I like this tune I’ll tape this one. Oh but I managed to put Mr Bean episodes on the end of most of them :call_me_hand:

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my grandad went through a phase of avidly recording football matches, so he’s got this big collection of early-mid 80s world cup games, english football etc, that all have notes in the case on scorers etc.


Rain Man.

It was on at the same time as Radiohead’s 1997 Glastonbury set, but on a different channel.

Ah fucken hate Rain Man.


Wrestling ppvs on C4
Live football matches on Sky (Blackburn vs Coventry sticks in my mind)

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I listened to a bit of OK Computer the other day by accident, surprised me how indeh it is

The erotic movies on channel 5.


Music videos

Oh yeah shit I’ve got loads of wrestling ones too

I had a Kate Bush vhs and man her videos were next level

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Films, at Christmas.

They’d then be kept for rainy day repeat viewing. This is why I was quite shocked when I eventually saw a non-ITV-edit version of Ghostbusters.


Went through a period of watching Home Alone all the time, like every day. Must’ve driven my auld Ma up the wall.

Watching Wayne’s World and wondering ‘where do I recognise Cassandra from? :thinking:

I taped James Bonds and Asterix and then I used to tape whatever sounded interesting from channel 4 at like 2am. Remember having Sitcom, the film with the rat.

mum taped funerals.


Skiing and gymnastics

not strictly related, but I had this VHS (think i was a collection of 2 or 3 tapes) that had the entire history of the world cup on it up to World Cup 98. Think I watched it so many times it ended up degrading or something.

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I remember being about 10/11 and my old man being like okay it’s time to watch Die Hard. Felt like I was doing the most illegal thing ever.

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I was obsessed with this


Forgotten classic kids film Animalypics, complete with adverts (eggs, banking, danish bacon)

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One of my older bros made us watch Nightmare on Elm Street with him while he was babysitting us when I was about 11. Scarred me for life.