What did you weigh when you were born?

In honour of my newly released nephew and his frankly impressive 10lb 7oz birth weight, tell us what you weighed upon your arrival at the starting line of this crazy ride we call life.

I was 10lb 2oz, bit annoyed he’s beaten me tbh.


Congratulations on your new nephew x


Thank you, I am looking forward very much to immediately indoctrinating him into Plymouth Argyle supporter-hood.

All the best babies are the heaviest babies imo.


I have absolutely no idea


7 pounds something

(M was 6 something)

7lb 6oz, apparently.

My friends’ kid, born three weeks ago, was 10lb 05oz, and he’s already really strong (pushing himself away from your chest with his arms, and holding up his own head when he’s upright).

Would you like me to assign you a retrospective birth weight now?

I don’t know, sorry.

Thank you for your honesty.

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Dunno what my kids weighed either. One was normal size, and the other quite normal size I would say

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Are you hoping that they follow you into being really tall or do you not want this life for them?

I was blonde!

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6lb 14oz

Often wonder about how differently my life might have turned out if I’d stayed blonde.

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My wife is quite short, so hoping they average out. They were unremarkable on percentile stuff for size. I don’t want the tall life for them.

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Got told 7lb.

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Can’t remember


9 pound summat and with a full head of hair weirdly

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(Also congrats!)

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