What did your company get you this Christmas?

Did your employer give you a Christmas bonus this year? A gift voucher? £20 on your pay packet? Money to get a takeaway for your Christmas zoom?

Mine have done f-all the stingy bastards, they’re doing all right out of covid too.

** Apologies to anyone not on jobbook

  • Got cash in my pay packet
  • Got a voucher
  • Got a free takeaway
  • Got nothing
  • Not on jobbook
  • I am my own boss

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My boss called round with a bottle of port: that was nice.


Civil service so lol



Pay freeze count??


Fuck all. (Though I did get a bonus and pay rise earlier this year so I can’t complain)

£50 voucher to be used at a very limited number of places. First time ever that this has happened.


£50 morrisons voucher.
I’m chuffed to be honest, in 20 years in the workforce it’s the first christmas bonus I’ve ever received since I was 17 working in Iceland and I think I got a £10 Iceland voucher or something.
I guess it’s a voucher cos of a) tax reasons and b) they get some kind of deal from morrisons. And I’ve already spent it on 50% of the weekly shop, but i don’t mind, very chuffed to receive it.


also a plant which tbf is nice, and some voucher options but i chose the charity one


four bottles of single malt whisky. we could pick & choose from the company’s core range, but none of the stupidly expensive stuff


That’s alright I guess!

My headteacher buys everyone a bottle of wine which is very nice of them

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We usually just get some chocolates or something of our manager. Got a £5 Sainsburys voucher this year.

Thought it was the usual £50 voucher, but when I used the “donate to charity” option (which is very important to me) it was £100. Dunno if it was a matched donation or if it was a £100 voucher this year.

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Boss put a Lotto scratchie in all of our christmas cards so there was the potential for a £10,000 christmas gift there

Obviously mine was negative but I had two £3 squares… so close



Free box of mince pies and biscuits and chocolate and shit. Couple of bottles of wine.

We were supposed to get a free tin of shortbreads, but the cunts in the warehouse apparently nicked them all before they got to our department.

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Bottle of champagne, some chocolates.

Annual bonus is paid out in April

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Box of chocolates and a bottle of prosecco.
It’s the first time we’ve received it. It was actually direct from the wife of one of our owners who passed away earlier in the year.

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These beers

And a M&S hamper with things like chocolate and walnut classic whips and nachos and salsa and more beer.