What disgusting things do you like? (food not filth)


No judgement here. We’re self acknowledging our vices and what we’re ashamed of and is as such a safe space.

So hurry up and share.

Love eating tomato puree straight out of the tube/jar

I quite often point a stick of spag at one of my cats, they’ll always give it a go before remembering it’s rank. Silly babies.


I used to crunch one stick of uncooked at the time of making, for sure.

I absolutely understand - whenever I’m using it I’ll whack a little bit extra on a spoon.

ETA: Also, have been known to smear it on a slice of cheddar.

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just tastes like a sandwich tbh.

Not particularly disgusting…but I used to like buying two cooked chicken drumsticks from M & S. I’d usually be ripping into them whilst halfway out the shop…then I’d feel a bit self-conscious later about how feral I looked publically gnawing on a chicken leg.

do you do it like a fencing sword and shout en garde?

wanton disregard for your fellow shoppers

Well, I have the hair for it.

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do this regularly? seriously guys, ‘ooooh I like pot noodles i’m SO DISGUSTING’

ck’s sake

Used to dip my finger in the butter my nan used to keep on the side, then dip it in the sugar tin and eat it.

Basically the reason raw cake mix tastes magical so while it’s shocking behaviour, it’s not disgusting really

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Frozen, uncooked chips.


Stop describing my weekend


mate sack off your jam for some cocoa or melted chocolate.

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Don’t get how this relates to me

The vegan/vegetarian ones perhaps


my god, bread and butter*! whatever next!!!