What do all the different colours of thread post numbers mean?


Blue, grey are no brainers. But orange? Brown?? Orangey brown??? Slightly different shade of brown???


I think it’s to do with the likes:posts ratio


Sliding scale of how beevey the thread is


They should be flashing red if there’s a full beeve in motion.


No they shouldn’t


And what would you know about beeves, maosasam?


what’s this


Click on social, regard the colour of the numbers on the rh side


the colour of the reply numbers?




Guys, I got a beeves alert to this thread, what’s kicking off?


Oh, that.

It reflects how many posts there are in the thread in total.


what are the levels at which they change?
what’s the highest colour?

are you sure it’s not to do with frequency of posts? there’s some low reply counts with big colours


Dunno. It also seems to factor in the likes:posts ratio too.


I reckon the higher the likes:posts ratio, the brighter the colour


I think this is it.


So what’s the best colour viz posts to like ratio? Revising my deep-blue quote and wanna make sure it’s just right.


Incandenza is correct


Where’s the BEEVES?


I tried to start one with Ding Dong Sr. but my heart wasn’t in it.