What do artists do between the end of the main set and the start of the encore?

Having never played in a band where the concept of an encore was an option, what do you think that bands do in that brief time between the end of a set and the start of the encore?

Have a little pee / poo, should they feel the need


Eat some Haribo

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Write a song


Quick line I’d imagine


Have a drink or a smoke

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Apply for a mortgage

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I have played in a band where the encore was a thing

this is what tends to happen:

  • rub down with a towel
  • change of t-shirt/clothing
  • drink of water/beer/whiskey
  • quick toke of cigarette/spliff
  • pee if absolutely necessary but usually there wont be time

I have also witnessed the following

  • quick puke & then back on stage

also, the roadies may/may not quickly tune/replace instruments depending on how long the encore is

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Satyricon applied corpse paint when I saw them do that

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If you’re LCD Soundsystem then it’s a load of fat lines off a flightcase behind the stage *apparently*.

The few times I’ve been in a band that did it involved a quick piss and then grabbing another bottle of booze before heading back out. Maybe deciding on a song too.

between the main set and the start of the encore is the absolute worst time to do a line of coke btw

Probably catching their breath I’d imagine. They’re not machines (usually).

Just imagining Low doing massive lines of coke between main set and encore and coming out with an incredibly flamboyant version of Over The Ocean


I like to think of bands nervously standing around trying to gauge whether there is sufficient demand from the audience for them to come back out and play another song, I bet this never happens though, arrogant pricks

Asking themselves for the umpteenth time why anyone would bother with this silly game, sighing, shrugging their shoulders and going back out to play this silly game. And a quick wee.

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Slow wee

Remember seeing Arctic Monkeys in 2007 at Glastonbury “slice of toast” and to be fair they didn’t call it an encore just a minute to bring an organ onto stage.

Texting all of their mates and forming a super band