What do people wear to the gym?

Thinking about joining a gym. Would like to feel as least self conscious as possible so want to ‘fit in’ as much as possible from the off so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb. I’ve never been to one before so not entirely sure what people wear.

Any examples of what average gym going men wear? Thanks.

Full three-piece suit, shitflickers and a fedora.


Have collected an array of breathable sports tops / vests from chazzers over the years which have done the trick. Otherwise Primark sell basic vests / shorts.

Also I would stress that in my years of going to a gym, people are way more interested in themselves than anyone else. That doesn’t mean to sound as cutting as it does!


Just shorts and t-shirt, although what you wear probably won’t raise too many eyebrows (depending on what you’re doing). Guys at my gym wear jeans when lifting weights.

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My go to was

Stone cold Steve Austin tshirt
Short shorts
Neon pink trainers

Can’t be arsed going now so wear that to go to the shop with crocs instead of trainers

If you haven’t really gone to a gym before I would be inclined to suggest you don’t spend much on gym wear before you’ve got into a routine of going (am I speaking from experience here? hell yes I am). Nobody is going to bat an eyelid at someone in t-shirt or vest top and shorts.

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never had special stuff. tshirt that’s baggy enough that you wont overheat too much, shorts. literally any trainers (if you;re planning on doing loads of running obv careful on that coz of impact)

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we’re just normal men

Football shirt misc, whichever active type shorts were cheapest at TK Maxx, normal socks and the most beaten up trainers I own that are still wearable.

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There are multiple people at my gym who wear clothes branded with their Instagram handles though, so that might be something you want to look into.


i have several @cummiesfortummies tshirts if anyone would like to rep me

Well this has put me off going to the gym!

except all the lads perving on all the ladies

I got some nice breathable shirts from Decathlon for a fiver each. They’re gonna get covered in sweat whatever you wear. Get some nice comfortable shoes too like running ones

Sweat resistant + breathable vest and shorts with running shoes and/or sweat bands on wrists or noggin


Go get em tiger rawwwr

in my local gym it’s less that and more guys very loudly desperate to draw attention to themselves in the hopes that a woman suddenly drops her weights and runs over to marry them

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A breathable t shirt. Shorts. Trainers. My extras I suppose people don’t necessarily need, I’ve only recently joined and mainly do the biking, and found shorts riding up a bit uncomfortably high after a while, so I wear some compression / cycling style shorts underneath them. And a sweatband I would recommend if you’re doing cardio, as that will probably be sweaty.

I’d say not to overthink it though. All sorts of styles on show. I only recently signed up, because I’d always favoured outdoor exercise, or swimming, and thought the gym would be too intimidating / judgey. It’s really not at all from my experience so far.

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To reiterate the point that no one notices what you’re wearing at the gym, I can’t think of what dudes in my gym wear as I’ve never really noticed


I wear black Tesco joggers and a black t shirt…it’s pretty air conditioned so rarely get too hot

Haven’t been for a few years, but I used to generally wear an XL size football strip (whatever is in the bargain bin - usually resulted in some weird allegiances like AEK Athens and Cork City) and swim shorts.

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