What do usually you do on your birthday?

  • Go to pub for a few
  • Go out for a meal
  • Go clubbing
  • Get absolutely shited
  • Go away/on holiday
  • House party
  • Small ““gathering””
  • Depends
  • Something else
  • Literally Nothing

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less and less arsed each year about doing something. thinking about doing a lowkey breakfast thing this year and avoiding having to go boozing.

sometimes I secretly hope that someone will say “hey happy birthday I love you you’re great” but it never happens

think this year I played some board games and ate doughnuts at a friends house though which was pretty great

counts as a small gathering!

yeah but that was unusually busy for me so not reflective of most birthdays

Don’t know, I change my mind every year. Last year I had a party and only 2 people turned up before 10pm, I was so embarrassed.

Youthmovies reunion show is on my birthday this year so my best pal told me if I want to do something it needs to be on a different day. Might just fuck off to my parents caravan instead for the weekend.

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My birthday is in January, so its not ideal in terms of the weather, people being skint, people giving up booze for the month, etc.

Usually just go for a few quiet pints and take a day off from work to have a lie in and relax.

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sounds great. went hiking on my tod a few years back, one of the best birthdays i can remember tbh. can’t get away this year but would like to make it a thing.

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I’m usually off work/Easter holidays so I’ll probs be at home home and my mum might cook something nice for dinner

Usually cba though

I’m 40 this year so will almost certainly go away somewhere.
Rest of the time I don’t really give a shit.


If my ATD who I share a birthday with isn’t around I usually just go out for a few pints with mates. Was 30 in 2017 and just went to my favourite pub for drinks with about eight or nine people.

If my ATD is around we usually get horrendously wasted with each other. We once put on an improv gig on our birthday where I DJ-ed and then played improv for an hour with a band of our friends. Our keyboard player (who is a musical genius and has studied at music conservatories) was so stoned that he got up in the middle of the gig and went outside as he couldn’t follow what was going on!

Got to do something for a big one like that I suppose.

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I’m turning 40 this year and the TV is taking me for a weekend to a Hotel we stayed in together nearly twenty years ago


Find a gig. Rope in some m9s. Go to the gig. Destroy myself

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Don’t give a shit about birthdays. WELL DONE YOU GOT OLDER WHAT AN AMAZING EFFORT.


Also have a January birthday close to what is often listed as the most depressing day of the year (the Monday before payday, or something like that).

You can’t arrange anything far ahead because everyone’s more concerned with Christmas, but if you wait until after Christmas it’s too short notice and nobody wants to do anything, complains they don’t have any money etc. Even when people confirm they will drop out at short notice. Two people turned up to my 40th. It is fucking miserable having a January birthday.

It’s so miserable that the last few years I have tended to go away to a gig somewhere so that I’m not sitting at home on my own. Sara Pascoe this year!

Last few years I’ve been on holiday but didn’t do anything particularly special on the day itself. Would prefer to do nothing and treat it like a normal day, because I’m not a child.

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celebrating your birthday

  • Fine
  • For pathetic little babies!!!

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It’s my 30th next week.

Might go to the indian with some friends. Might not bother doing anything at all. Who knows.