What do we make of this then?

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  • Delicious
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Whoever assembled this meal is a serial killer.


Harsh on serial killers IMO


Whole thing look wrong tbh. One sausage, not enough peas…

Also not a salad, just slices of stuff.

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Burn it

Gravy is basically the same as salad dressing. This chef is ahead of the game. Would eat

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There are 2 sausages. Still at least one too few for bangers and mash

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just pour water over my sausage mash and salad tbh

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weird how it’s only dressing when it’s for a salad

the gravy is dressing for the meat


Full sized image:

Salad in gravy is still preferable to mashed potato imo

salad dressing,
dress a wound
get dressed,
wear a dress

what’s that all about

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looks like two sausages?

It’s only gravy innit? Nothing to be scared of

South Pacfic, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio


*slap bass*

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I sometimes drink gravy out of a mug, the gravy isn’t the issue here


Americans call stuffing dressing, what’s that about

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Had a gravy on top of salad experience a year or two ago when ordering from somewhere. Not something I’d look to do again particularly, but doesn’t taste as bad as you’d expect from looking at it (cos looking at it, there’s no doubt it looks fucking weird)