What do we reckon to this heatwave thats meant to happen then?

Spanish plume is it? Rack off!!

  • It’s real, spanish mates told me about it
  • Load of old bollocks
  • Something else

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Really been enjoying this cold, mizzly weather tbh and would like it to say.

that meants to happen

Part of me wants a dry end of the road
Another part has tried sleeping in a tent in hot weather before.


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According to the BBC and Google it’s going to be 20 degrees and cloudy in Bristol until the end of time.


I have a triathlon on the 11th September, and a half marathon on the 26th September.

Given past form, I would therefore expect these days to have blisteringly hot sunshine throughout.

I would describe it as ‘typical’ if the last few weeks of the summer term which were unbearably hot - in a stuffy classroom where I wasn’t allowed to have the overhead fans on (Covid) returned for the first few weeks of the new term whilst the holiday period in between was mostly miserable and grey.


Bring it fucking on imo.


Please no.

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  • Bring it fucking on imo.
  • Please no.

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wouldn’t mind a bit of rain for a change here tbh. been like 30-35 degrees every day for ages now. 37 degrees today.

Really been having trouble drying my washing lately, towels especially without them getting that horrid damp mushy peas smell that hangs around all day, so I need some nice weather to get my washing done.

Will just not wash during the autumn and both winters I guess.


Going to be nice/August average tomorrow and Wednesday and then just like it is now the rest of the week I believe?
Scorchio… kind of…

I now see this article is referring to next week, to which I say: dunno

your input is appreciated nonetheless


14 day forecasts just have it as more of the same, reverting back to the bollocks position.

I don’t know eric I’m not a fucking wizard


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what’s taking so long? you’ve been nerding for decades

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poor rolls

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Spanish plumes first week in September
Temperature probably hitting 89
Oh please leave the windows open
The rainy days are dead and gone