What do we think of this house then?


Misleading comparisons to Wallace and Gromit aside…



this was my old window


Proves that all architects are dicks


Looks like a game of Jenga that got out of hand.


Any other examples of architects designing their own weird house are welcome, btw…


thought it was shite - dark, unpractical and the only clever thing was the way it was built up on levels.

I really liked the house last night with the walled garden on the side. stunning


Steady! You’re obviously forgetting famous dis architect…




Apologies Mr Jones


Not a big fan, too many mid level edges for me to bang my shins on. And that concealed bath thing next to the bed is a joke.


my dad studied architecture, so he had great fun redoing our house

yes, on the right is a firemans pole (behind the camera is where the xmas tree goes)


The outside is hideous but inside is kind of cool if you want to live in something from one of the Deus Ex games. I don’t want that.


“How are we gonna explain this stripper pole to little wiggy?”


Elspeth Beard (first brit lass to go round the world on a motorbike maybe) lives in a water tower.