What do we think of this


It appears to be a URL of some description, but I’m no expert.


Not that comfortable with it

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Didn’t read it but people who donate breast milk to NICU are good people.

Give a click, epsy, it’s some mind boggling stuff, a Canadian political column that almost immediately takes a twist into the surreal and somewhat odd.

Semantic point: does it still qualify as breastfeeding if the person is not, and knows they’re not, lactating?

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No doubt, Lonzo, no doubt.

If only she had travelled down that path instead.

Surely that removes the feeding element.

Ah thought this was going to be about that Lad Bible complete #lad who posted a photo of himself breastfeeding alongside his newborn baby.

EDIT: fucking hell, look at this headline



That’s what I think, but if you follow that logic you get to some pretty dark conclusions pretty quickly.

Nothing odd with wet nursing a child.

There is something VERY odd about trying to breastfeed a random baby you’ve found at a party, without the parents knowing about it.

It’s also potentially dangerous.


It’s just the way she describes it too. Absolutely bizarre.

I have now read this. This woman is very strange. Also who goes to a party with strangers in attendance and sticks their baby away in a car seat in a room… monitor or no monitor?

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Conservative politicians, that’s who.


She could have just posted in the stupid things we’ve done when drunk thread tbf tbh

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Really, really weird.


Imagine drinking milk from anything that’s not your own mother!

This woman didn’t have any milk. She was about to get a random baby to suck at her dry nipples.


Careful, you’ll get him aroused.


Well we all do that sometimes.

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