What do we think of this?


I think Stefan should be batting at three for England with a surname like that.



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Well, it certainly made me think!

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Bet he has a really dull life

lol pal he’s just admitted he’s a robocop, don’t you feel stupid now

Oh shit!

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It’s a reasonable (if well worn) point.

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And it will be our duty to build and maintain those robots.


:cry: there are robots who can build and maintain robots. It’ll be our job to design the robots.

And maintain the robots that maintain

I don’t think when they started they were robot jobs



it’s very ‘makeuthink’ & very white privilege isn’t

I went to a series of conferences last week and one of them basically convinced me that in 3-5 years time Amazon will own everything. Kids will be going to Amazon schools & sick people will be treated in Amazon hospitals & everything will be run by robots and AI

and when I asked the obvious question about jobs & incomes & employment - whether we should tax robots, universal basic income etc all these techdudes were like ‘Buh? People will be freed to do cool stuff instead’

I literally asked “You say that Amazon central depot is unmanned & run by 45,000 robots that work 24/7. No sick leave, no holiday pay, no income tax or insurance contribution… that’s the equivalent productivity of maybe 200,000 people. What are those 200,000 people going to do?”

he was
“No, no they won’t take 45,000 jobs. Those people will just do other things”



Luxury communist revolution :+1:

I’m afraid that Wall-E is a near future documentary

The way I see it we’re going to literally run out of jobs pretty soon so either our governments will have to stump up a liveable citizen’s wage or we’ll end up burning everything to the ground in hunger anyhow, looking forward to it.

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this video is a bit out of date now - they’ve added 20,000 new robots since then & most of their ‘fulfillment centres’ have been ‘upgraded’ to unmanned