What do you actually reckon about VAT then


So I’m kinda against anyone disagreeing with tax unless they don’t want to use hospitals or roads, but it does benefit the rich disproportionately and punishes anyone with a slightly unhealthy lifestyle.

Would you get rid?


can’t we just liquidate all the assets of the wealthy and collectively smoke and drink ourselves to early graves (10 year long worldwide carnival) or something.


aight man you take on police. you take on apple. fine. but VAT? not the sacred cow!


It’s a regressive tax, so yeah, get rid.

If you are going to have sales taxes, then use them as a ‘nudge’ tool to discourage behaviour (eg on fuel, alcohol, cigarettes etc)


one of my favourite taxes, for sure!


what’s your least favourite?


only the rich may drink!


If they’ve got money left over from my income tax rises…


I’ve never given it much thought.


stamp duty


big fan of VAT. Like when Westminster keeps the VAT that the Scottish police forces pays, for… reasons.


Fine with this tbh




how are we supposed to pay for Scotchtober fest?




VAT’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh uh-huh


Wetherspoons lowering their prices for a bit as a protest/show of what their prices “could” be without VAT

  • Cuntish
  • Fair

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I didn’t read the question, but just saw Wetherspoons and a reflex action just kicked in.


Last time I was in Wetherspoons Question Time’s own Owen Jones was in there btw so it’s ok again now, officially.


Have the beeb run out of venues?