What do you always forget?

Phone Keys Wallet

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Another names person

Was pretty excruciating the other week - I was out for after work drinks with about 10 people from work. My current squeeze (not sure if she is my TV yet) came to meet me there and I had to introduce everyone to her. There were 2 people there who’s names I should have known but I didn’t. One person got called their name by someone else from the group just before, so that was sorted - but I went round the whole table and then got to him and had to just front it out and say “sorry, I forgot your name”.

so bad

I have a bad memory for stuff I have to do - I would be lost without the reminder app thing on my phone

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Diamond spade death?

My friends have a big sign with this on (with pictures) on the door frame where you reach to leave the house.

I reckon I’ve turned about 20% of pizzas I’ve ever cooked into black discs of coal.

Another Broad City reference from me.

Lincoln always says it.

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With pizzas I invariably run up to the oven shouting but upon seeing a cooked pizza of any calibre just sort of accept it

Ha, yes I remember this via this rhyme, but I learned it way before from Nuns on the Run:

Such a great film.


That and OH YEAH.

(The Race was also on a late night skiing programme on ITV my mum used to record.)

About Dre


The difference between an orchard and an orchid - which is the grove of trees where apples are cultivated, and which is the flower, and which is pronounced which.

replying to people’s messages


beginning to worry I’ve soured some good relationships by not replying to messages. I just cba though :frowning:

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skeptical or sceptical?
kerb or curb?

Curb = Curtail
Kerb = Kerbies!

I do this, but mainly because I want to sit down and put a proper reply together and don’t have the time when they come in.

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Mine’s a mix of this and @profk : sometimes I just can’t be bothered and other times I really, really want to but then forget and then it’s too late.

Pretty sure I forget loads of things but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are.


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