What do you always forget?

The pure genius of legendary fanfic My Immortal. My friend mentioned he was rereading it yesterday so I started rereading it and fucking hell, there are just so many incredible moments that I forgot :smiley:

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surely the easiest way to remember?

literally everything all the time, im terrible

oh man that gives me the shakes. similar thing happened to me recently but I bottled it. When I got to the person who’s name I’d forgotten I stared blankly at her for 3 seconds and then deliberately mumbled something that I thought resembled what i could remember of her name (which I later realised was nothing close) and not wanting to embarrass me she nodded and smiled as if to say I’d got it right. CRIIIIIIIIIINGE

oh man

you didn’t call her Mulva did you?

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Me too, it’s sad how internally pleased I get when I get it right first time

i much prefer the term squeeze to other terms such as partner

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they had to ruin it by using the term “TV” tho didnt they?

work stuff, it’s just so boring

“they” are right here you know

I have done this a couple of times with hair straighteners. Having once left them on all day and discovering they do not auto switch off but make the whole house stink of hot metal and get hotter and hotter. Thankfully no :fire: mind.

How great Nicholas Lyndhurst is playing a drunken / high Gary Sparrow.

Take home stuff in fridge

I’m glad I don’t wear glasses because I’d always lose them or forget I had my contacts in when I fell asleep.

Forget if I’ve shampooed/shower gelled sometimes and end up doing it again. Normally when I’m well tired tbf

Incredibly poor at birthdays. Remember my own, Madame Gert’s and my little brother’s, but parents, older brother, all time dudes, not a clue. Could probably extend to dates of anything except Christmas as well

One of my gf’s colleagues is so paranoid about this that she takes her straighteners to work with her.


Whether I’ve locked the car or not. Started getting paranoid that double locking it actually UNLOCKS it now.

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You going to stand for this, @Aggpass?

Gene Hackman’s name