What do you and your live in partner have separate stuff of foodwise? Or if you are single, whatever man?



I believe much like Jack Spratt and his missus antpocalypsenow likes Anchor spreadable and his partner likes Lurpak. Me? Ribena Light, my wife straight up mother fucking Ribena.

Enjoy, guys, enjoy.


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Oh hang on, I don’t think either of these really count. Are you talking about where one of you likes Brand X of a particular product and the other likes Brand Y? In which case, I can’t think of any examples.


No. Those products are not variations of the same thing, Sorry. Please edit to be a blank post.


I like chunky soup, she’s a ‘cream of’ gal. She also is a bit of a massive fusspot. Doesn’t like shrooms, aubz, courgies, 'maters, lamb and some seafood, I like everything




I think the point of Jack Spratt was that they lived in perfect harmony because one would eat the fat and the other the lean. She was yin to his yang if you will.

You on the other hand are having to purchase completely separate products.

My wife doesn’t like peanut butter.


Shitloads of stuff mate.

She has milk alternatives, I have milk.

She doesn’t eat pork, I sometimes eat pork.

She has a load of grains and stuff, I don’t fuck with that.

As a general rule we’ll have different breakfasts 100% of the time and different lunches/dinners 60% of the time.


She’s allergic to/ intolerant of gluten, dairy and alcohol. I’m fully diabetic.

She has her own stock of bread, margarine and milk. We share gf pasta. I drink beer and eat yogurts. She drinks full sugar soft drinks while I drink the diet soft drink (soft squared.) We try to buy gf and df crisps.


She can’t stand honey.
She will eat meat and fish occasionally.


She has apple and blueberry porridge. I have golden syrup porridge, because I’m a massive child and want to eat sweeties for every meal.


Fucking hell, Theo


They’re both too sweet. Even the ‘unsweetened’ instant porridge is way too sweet.




First part of this is ok. Rest is a total disaster.


How come?


post can’t be empty


We do a few different ones:
Juice with bits (her) vs. smooth (me)
nut milk (her) vs. no milk at all (me)
different cereals

We nearly always cook and eat dinner together, but frequently have different breakfasts and make ourselves different lunches to take to work if we’re not taking in leftovers.


Ah yeah, fair point mate. Apologies.


Nothing, really.

He eats granola for breakfast (I prefer yogurt and fruit, or porridge when it’s not summer) and has juice in the house. Sometimes I will eat and drink these things but not often.

Sometimes I buy sparkling water. He hates it.