What do you ask for when you get your haircut?

Getting my hair cut at lunch today :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been going to the same guy for ages and have built up a large level of trust so now I just say

‘Do what you want m8’

How about you?
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Take the ends off please.

However my hair is waaay down past my bra strap now down my back just now (it’s kind of feathered around my shoulders) and I’m thinking of getting it cut into a shoulder length bob. But am scared.

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I think you give off quite a shoulder length bob vibe so I reckon that would be good

I need to get my highlights done again but it’s making my hair fall out so not sure what to do :woman_shrugging:. Haven’t yet found a hairdresser in Glasgow I’m 100% happy with for a cut but there’s a million of them so I’ll just keep trying.

Either short back and sides or just a trim and a tidy up pls. Depending how ‘set your watch to’ I want my hair to be.

Oh and my normal request is ‘about and inch off the length and take the weight out of the layers please’

Dieter Brummer and a cuppa

Just say same as what I’ve got but shorter. Really hate it when they ask really specific questions I don’t know the answer to

I last went to a hairdresser/barber nine years one month and maybe five days ago (I have a full head of hair).

Yeah and what did you ask for?

Meet me at McDonald’s.


You asked for ‘Meet me in McDonalds’?

Meet me AT McDonald’s. Yes.

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I see. Well, not really but…


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0 fade, longer on top. Trim the beard up please

“surprise me”

We usually just make it up as we go along. Getting a hair and beard dye this weekend


Number two (lol) back and sides, a bit off the top, cheers

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