What do you ask for when you get your haircut?

Turned 22 last week.

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Happy birthday! :gift: :cake: :partying_face:


“A three round the back and sides, leave the length on top please”.

Inevitably when it comes to the top they take too much off so it doesn’t really look much different.

Might start going down to a two.

My Barber usually asks:

 "do you want your usual?"

and I reply:


Lovely formatting here

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“The usual”

I’ve been going there a while. When I first started I took a passport photo where my hair was about the length I wanted it to be. Recommend this to anyone who has anxiety about these things.

(Still don’t understand how the numbers work.)

It’s just mm of length. So a zero is a close shave, a one is 1mm of hair, etc.

We’ll have been discussing it on and off for a week or so before, sharing pics from Instagram, then if I’m lucky she chucks on an extra random colour we think will work. Cut is mostly a fade whilst leaving the top as long as possible

A time machine please.

Don’t think that would end well with my luscious curls

My mother is an ex hairdresser so she’s always cut my hair. I’m never really fussed.

“Here just cut around this bowl mate and we’ll be sound”

A number three, and a bit of a tidy up of what’s left on top

Or maybe a number two in the summer

Number 1, sides and back
Number 3 on top.

five fade and sweep, m4.

That’s my go-to hair cut also. Depending on the hairdresser can mean anything from hardly anything off to a full on crew cut though…

0.5 sides, trim on top. take the weight out.

absolutely not this…

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I ask where they’re going on holiday, topsy-turvy that motherfucker.


before you know it, you’ll asking them if they want any product.


Two/three on sides, longer on top but so you can sweep it over to the sides a bit, cheers, yeah.

Have noticed on a couple of recent haircuts that my fringe has been cut very, very straight and I’ve observed a few other far cooler people than me having similar. Clearly The Jarman is back in trend.

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