What do you bring to the party?

  • Stubbies of cheap and nasty lager
  • Pack of premium lager
  • Craft beer
  • Expensive novelty keg of beer
  • Cider
  • Decent bottle of wine
  • £3 bottle of wine bought at a petrol station
  • Bottle of cheap but good spirits from Aldi
  • Big bottle of cola
  • Grab bag of crisps
  • “Nibbles”
  • Sausage rolls, mini-scotch eggs etc
  • Your uncle
  • Mini-rolls
  • Bag of doughnuts
  • Fun and games
  • Bag of sweets
  • Next-door neighbours dog
  • Pack of cards
  • Something else [please specify]

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Soft drinks for me, wine for everyone, cards for making joy!

Something else: a slight sense of unease


Wonder if anybodies ever taken a book to a party. Just done a bit of quiet reading

Staff of +2 Intellect

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My stunning good looks and charming personality of course.

mainly just beer and wine, cured meats if I know they will get eaten

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I’d get too anxious that people would think the thing I bought was rubbish so I’d buy something and then leave it at home probably

Some kind of spirit like limoncello to make people drink shots

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Good gin
Decent tonic
Dr. Ugs

Bottle of whisky/buckfast depending on the party.
Maybe some drugs and my sparkling wit.



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2011 me would have brought bottle of house whiskey and 2l botty of cola

2019 me prolly the wankerbeers

I bring a fucking good time

And if you’re lucky a good fucking time :smiley:


Last two parties I’ve been tow I’ve taken a bottle of Fernet branca

Cos I’m a wanker

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The same bottle?


Once got told I was doing it wrong by another partygoer for bringing a load of decent beers. They were into bringing cheap French supermarket lager to parties and then drinking the expensive stuff. Later that night they were pouring everybody glasses of the hosts single malt

Oooft that has some tang.
I do like a wee shot of branca mentha from time to time

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I filled the first one with Listerine mouthwash and nobody could tell the difference

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It depends a lot on the party tho tbh tbf