What do you call a prisoner who is enjoying the fact that he is allowed to sleep under canvas in the exercise yard?



Yeah I am fucking stepping to you @jordan_229


You need help.


What is the number for the smee brothers comedy writing forum?


Very, VERY good joke.


Did you hear about the lonely prisoner?

He was in his cell.

(quite possibly only works in Scottish/Glaswegian accent)


Hmm how about something in con tin ent?


Innocent you say? Another miscarriage of justice!


My grandad’s all-time joke dog!


What do you call an aloof, stuck-up prisoner walking down the stairs with an air of patronising superiority?

A condescending con descending



that’s not even a name. :confounded:


You can call someone content. Doesn’t have to be their name. You have shamed yourself.


I’m not happy about this at all. this is a lower form of the ‘what do you call’ joke format.


I’ve got a feeling you just didn’t get it.


up there with: is that a doughnut or a meringue?