What do you call that subculture (very liberal use of the term)

Of people who when you speak to them sound like they’re really into blues and Americana, but are actually into big band brass and electro swing.
Sort of a combination aesthetic of suede waistcoats and tophats with children’s glitter and ticker tape, also really into weed but nothing else

Don’t say just “cunts” that’s too vague

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Boomtown fair cunts


Obsessed with rum

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Tophat wankers


It’s good but I’m afraid if I mention top hat wankers people may get the wrong idea. What a mess!

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Are really into the aesthetic nightmare that is Steam Powered Giraffe

Definitely listen to Bohren & der Club of Gore as study/background music

Refer to women as a ‘wench’ etc

Were way too enthusiastic in drama class. During lunch break at school would go to the IT rooms and make animations in PowerPoint of The Matrix bullet time sequences. This is taking place in 2004


I think one of them was on an episode of bargain hunt one time

Closely related to people who do Lindy Hop dancing

On-Fleeky Blinders

Gin bin fires


Seriously can’t think of the exact name. But whatever it is, they’re really into their gin.

into amateur dramatics? daily posters/oversharers on social media? FBPE type?

went to university in York, Durham, or Canterbury?

do things like invite me to groups called KUSHY MOON SING SONG BRASS or something

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how much overlap with pub bloke subculture is there? on a scale of 0-10 (0 being no overlap)

I think i’m aware of this group. regulars at open mic nights too.

No idea what anyone’s talking about

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They will likely invert into pub blokes at the age of… 35

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