What do you call your loose change (and how much have you got on your person right now)



Me, I call it Shrapnel, or occasionally Coin
I have 4p, I gave the rest (>£3) to the office charity whip round, which is very important to me


Shrapnel also and I have zero pence


Balonz bullets. I have £87.83 on me.


I don’t believe either of these responses


Shrapnel or change. 66p


I call it “loose change”, Farage.

I have £6.67 on me. Gutted.


That is your prerogative


Plata, of course


Change or shrapnel.

I think I dropped my £2 coin in meeting room 1. Waiting for Carole and Jennie to come out so I can check.


I didn’t know you worked with @NoahVale



I currently have zero on me, having spent the 30 pence I did have on a coffee at around 0900 hours.


Change. It is called change. I have £1.50, but I can only spend 50p as the £1 is new. It’s a keeper.

Unless you mean notes too, in which case £26.50. In this case, the term is upgraded to ‘cash’.


and i only carry notes in huge denominations



always lives in the RH back pocket of my jeans

currently have £2:13, including 1 new pound coin


So you sit on it? Ever caused you problems?

That’s where I keep my arse.


nope, sitting on it now. No probs and I have a boney arse

always dump my change in a little wooden bowl when lounging around at home though - otherwise it would all fall out


Losgeld. £2.97. Right-hand front pocket.


Change, and 11p (12p if you count the penny I squashed and printed a bat onto at Bristol Zoo but I doubt that’s legal tender any more).


Sounds like animal abuse


It was so I now have £2