What do you consider your fellow dissers as?

Fake accounts
People you know
or something else altogether?



Don’t call me a fellow, pal

Someone who I’ve met at a gig.


Really really depends who.


I have evidence to show that all other accounts are really just sean posting over and over again to try and make me buy the new paramore record

figments of my imagination

I was being a bit lazy by not going into this I suppose, but yeah, that’s about right and could kill thread.

The thing I sometimes find interesting is when you like people quite a lot on here and have never actually met them but would genuinely miss them if they did a lucien. I’m not sure why I do, I imagine growing always having the internet at hand might not make this seem so strange.

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was it balonz or ant that said in a thread once that the other was just someone he shares the internet to pass the time in work with and will probably never meet him

i’ll upgrade you in my spreadsheet to pal

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i’m not your pal, acquaintance!

All of those things and much, much more!

“internet friend”

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I regret that to this day, I hope it’s not why he isn’t around any more :’(

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I’m not your acquaintance, post cannot be empty

it’s an interesting one, it’s obviously different to people I know in real life but I have shared a lot of good and bad times on here with you online folk so I’m going to say friends :slight_smile:

ruffers will know, he’s been keeping an eye on balonz for a few years now appaz (apparently)

People I chat with when I’m in a café

via wi-fi

Love you all guys :heart:️:heart::heart: