What do you do at work that irks others

I know we all like to believe that we’re perfect and everyone else is in the wrong, but let’s face it, if everyone else irks us that much we’re probably quite irksome too.

I probably irk people by coming in a bit late (9:15-9:30) every morning, but then again I do stay much later. I probably annoy people with my moaning too. Got told off a few weeks ago for not putting the bins outside the office door every night, whatever.

How do you irk, huns?

I’m a tapper. I tap my feet, tap my fingers, drum on my desk.

They must hate me.


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Come in late, don’t listen (people often have to repeat things to me because I tune them out and don’t even register that they’re talking to me at first).

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Leave all cupboard doors open. I don’t necessarily see why it’s a problem, but everyone else makes a reet hoo-haw about it



Take a full hour for lunch.


Fart freely in my office. Must be like stepping into a stable.


Probably spend too much time on my phone looking at community.drownedinsound.com

This is not on

Are you comparing your farts to the birth of Christ?


It’s my office, I’ll fart in it if I want to.

Your office your rules

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Obviously I am, yes.

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Not communicating little things I think are of no consequence to my team

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it’s just another excuse to mention he has his own office. As if we didn’t all know.

I also get paid loads, fwiw.

I do keep my trousers on, though, so I’m basically a model worker.

I speak my mind quite a bit when maybe others would temper what they were saying. Doesn’t always go down well with colleagues.


Nag people about using the recycling bin. They tend to just chuck everything in the general waste bin. Lazy fucks.

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